What is casino

Today the word “casino” is represented by a gambling hall, a sort of loaf where they play roulette and poker. There’s nothing to be done – a tribute of time. And in modern English, the word “casino” is an object in which certain types of gambling are located. The casino is most often located near or in the hotels themselves, restaurants, cruise ships, etc. But the meaning of the word “casino” does not necessarily imply gambling. So what is a casino, where did this name come from?

Their roots go back to the past. It’s safe to say that people began to use alcohol, drugs and play around the same time. It is a question of that the person practically in any place and under any circumstances was able to provide himself with all of the above. At the same time, the passion for playing by its strength is almost comparable with the craving for smoking and alcohol. Experts even find it difficult to assess what causes greater dependence and more detrimental to a person.

Whatever it was, however, over time, there was a centralized formation of gambling establishments in their modern appearance. The discoverer here was France. It is the first country where the casino began to bring real and tangible revenue to the treasury. This event took place in the seventeenth century. Then it tried to be repeated in the UK. Since then, casinos have been gradually opened all over the world.

Today, a virtual gambling establishment is a full replacement for a real casino, to which so many people are accustomed. The main advantage is that in the same casino pharaoh online can be played remotely. To be more precise, the gameplay is available from anywhere, from where you can go online. Also need a stationary computer or laptop, smartphone, tablet.

The game itself is almost completely identical to what is being played in “ground” institutions. Customers are given bonuses, used as money for betting purposes.

Casino is fun. You pay to get adrenaline, for a sense of excitement and risk, for the chance to win. It happens that the player is delayed ludomania, but there are more dangerous disorders.


René Descartes and Gambling

Did you know that the famous scientist René Descartes was a really  zealous gambler? I can argue that no! He used his knowledge to win in card games. Let’s find out how he succeeded.

In the history of philosophy, this scientist is famous for the phrase “I think, therefore, I exist.” And it was this expression that passed through all the years of Descartes’ activity. It also touched his playing life.

In fact, Descartes had two hobbies: science and card games. During his lifetime, he rarely thought to abandon research and completely devote himself to gambling. After all, gambling  brought him good incomes. But, science still won, and today we know him as an outstanding philosopher and scientist.

Despite his studies in science, Descartes did not stop visiting gambling establishments. In addition, he was a client of exchanges, where he was also considered one of the most successful players.

Entering the gambling establishment of Paris, Descartes easily emptied the pockets of his opponents  in card battles. Such cases, when he left gambling institution with empty pockets were very rare. You will say, that he was just lucky, right? I have to disappoint you.

Descartes was a rational, thinking person. He had everything built on mathematical calculation and realism. And that’s what he used during his games.

The philosopher easily calculated every turn, watching the cards and players in general. Using his own theories, he drew in mind combinations that should lead to a win. Due to this strategy , Descartes studied psychology, which allowed him to “read” player’s cards. Looking at their faces, the scientist understood what cards were on their hands. As a result, wealth constantly accompanied to him.

Gambling enthralled him so much, that the scientist even conducted a real scientific study of gambling. It describes everything about gambling and why it is so interesting to others.

For Descartes, any card game was interesting not for a prize. He liked to do mathematical calculations. Thanks to his logic and intellect, he learned to count cards with extraordinary accuracy. And this passion has survived until the end of the scientist’s life.


Statistics about casinos

What do we know about gambling and bets? The history of gambling is deeply hidden; it is hard to get facts. And we can hardly find out who was the first lucky one, but we know for sure some interesting facts about the emergence of online casinos. Do you want to find them out?

The first online casino was created in 1997, by the Micro Gaming network. And since the internet at that time was virtually at it’s starting point, the pioneers of the digital industry had very few customers. Therefore, they could not boast the high profitability of this gambling establishment. Only after the end of five years new players came to the market and Internet clubs began to appear as mushrooms.

Country with the largest online casino attendance is Great Britain. Three thousands of Englishmen visit gaming Internet resources every day. Their favorite games are poker and bingo.

Until now, lotteries are the most popular gambling game in online casinos. Statistics say that 55% of the Earth’s inhabitants periodically spend their money to buy lottery tickets.

If you are interested in the age of the most entertaining players, then these people are more than thirty years old. Young people visit online casinos much less often.

Unprofessionals and people who like to play free games on slot machines spend from three to five hours at casino per day.

The luckiest person in the history of online games is a forty-year-old resident of Helsinki. In just half an hour, on the device Mega Fortune, he won 17.8 million euros. His carriage was accompanied by an action held by the PAF club, which provided players with ten free wheel rotations.

Interestingly, online casinos do not have limitations in bets and any supervisory structures, as opposed to real gaming machines. For example, in Germany, a rather absurd law was adopted. The law of this country prohibits losing more than 80 euros per hour, and if you lose more than 100 euros, you would get a fine.

By reading these facts, it is easy to understand that online casinos play a huge role in life of every person.



Multispin slots are new and rare variety of games. The principle of such slots is similar to multiline video poker. There are several rows (from three to ten). Each row represents a classic slot for three reels and one line. As usual, you make bets by selecting the denomination of coins and the number of coins per line, the amount is also multiplied by the number of rows in the game. Pressing the Spin button, the game starts in one lower row. After stopping rotation, you can hold any number of reels by pressing the Hold buttons below them. After that, press the Spin button again, now the game starts on all the ranks, if some drums are held, then the symbols do not change, but the rest are randomly generated. At the end of the rotation, the player receives payments for each of the series, where the winning combination was collected. Winnings are determined by the rules of classic slots.

Multispin slots are mostly represented in the casino with PlayTech software.

Since the player makes a decision in the game, then theoretically there is an optimal strategy. In practice, without knowing the frequency of the loss of various symbols, it is difficult to create it. Although with a high degree of certainty, you can give the following advice: leave only two characters that make up the winning combination (well, wild symbols). If you have three different symbols, you should not leave it, let everything change.

The expectation of such games is unknown, but there is a suspicion that it is comparable to classic slots, about 90-96%. The variance in games is average.

The most popular slot of this type is the multispin VooDoo Magic. In this game you can play at once on 10 fields, fix from 1 to 3 symbols in each of them, and one spin of this slot includes 10 rotations of drums. In addition, there is an opportunity to increase the winnings by 10 times, if the first spin brought luck and after it 3 symbols were fixed on the remaining rows.

Thus, the game in the multi spin slot can be very advantageous, and especially if the player is lucky. Try your luck in this game – and you will be lucky!

How to win

How to win casino

Casino is the place where people want to earn money. Moreover, as bigger the amount of money will be, as bigger interest a person will have about the casino.

Usually people play casinos for the first time from the pure curiosity. At the second time many people want to feel the same feeling. And it is not strange. After all, during the game, a person feels crazy adrenaline that flows through the blood, giving birth to new emotions, feelings and memories. Only from the third, or even from the fourth time, there is a desire to play in order to win. Having won once, many start to think about an algorithm or behavior pattern.

And there is a completely constructive question: how to play casino to win more often? Sometimes a person plays and loses, and sometimes wins. All this is based on some laws and tactics, which you have to understand. When you do it, it will be possible to solve a riddle and to start winning more often.

So, in order to win more often, it is necessary to develop an algorithm of actions:

Play what you really understand.

This rule sounds really strange, but many people are faced with this problem. After that, they get a lack of real money income. And this is understandable. In most cases, it is a situation in which player begins to feel that he can win the game which was won by one of his friends. Or that game, which, according to the assurances of friends, brings a great deal of profit. Many can start playing without even knowing the rules. Although you should play the game that you feel and understand.

To win more often there is no need to invest more in the game. Therefore, before the game, make sure that you calculate the amount you are willing to spend. More programmed amount is not necessary to spend. It is better to play at the next time; maybe you will be lucky then.

Overall, only strict discipline is needed, even in the casino, Please follow it and the rules that you have been asked. The biggest enemy you may face with is your emotions; you should not be exposed to them.